More pictures from Stockholm with love

 Met Paola and her kids. Evy and her cousins reading a fashion magazine like true mini fashionistas

 Lunch at the Thai boat. Managing to look intellectual even though the surroundings.

 Went to dinner at Chrisses and Alexandras. Except for excellent dinner and a hang over i got Chrisses new role play book. Look how happy that made me (that for sure isnt the wine)

 Went to Rosendal and it started raining. We sat inside eating cinnaman bun while Oliver were drawing and me reading. Idyllic to the point when random old lady looked at Oliver with longing in her eyes commenting on how nice his drawing of me looked.

Oliver taking pictures.

 Dinner at Bistro jarl with Bella, Sanna and Oliver.

 Very happy!

 Since we got Plopp dessert.

 Toilet ceiling in Söder. It was also the grolsch street party and Midnattsloppet. I found this the most picture worthy.

After that we went to vampire lounge and Oliver and me had to do the virgin getting bitten by vampire picture.

 Brunch table at Maggies. She knows how to throw a brunch that girl.

 Sunday dinner at Filippas. Tired looking gang.

 Watching dwarf outrunning camel. Shared joy.

 Nice being home! (and to good neither me nor Oliver is in the picture destroying the healthy tanned picture with our pale british bodies.)

 Stockholm view.

 Agnes me and turken. The fantastic three!

 Ice cream! (I also wanted one but grown ups can only have wine. That is the rule)

 Look at that little monster.

 Dinner at Morfar Ginko with old colleagues.

 Oliver photographing homeless sausages.

 Crayfish party at Maggies!

 Happy girls soon the start on the snaps.

 I wrote my own snaps songs so that Oliver could join.

 That made him more scared than happy.

Alone with four girls.

 Slightly panicky face but dont be afraid, Maggie will take care of you…

Just roll with it. 

 And then your drunk girlfriend will be her most charming self.

 Along with all her friends.


 eventually you end up in Mc Donalds trying to defend yourself for hungry girls. Poor Oliver.

For our last day we fled down to Nyköping. Oliver took some pictures.

 Me too, look at this beautiful sunset.

 He doesnt always look to smart.

But I still love him.

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