With heads twirly with booze and empty stomachs we danced and danced and danced

Christmas Party at work yesterday. We left the office early and went to Merike’s for bubbles and fix. That mainly consisted of gossiping about guys (Beckham do so not do it for me), listening to old 90’s music (man that makes me feel old) and eating crisps.

Once at the party they kind of forgot food. Finger food and open bar resulted in carnage – around midnight people were stumbling around, falling on their faces and washing the floor with red wine. (Honestly, whats up with guys after a certain alcohol level?)

I took a walk home (to clear my vodka soaked head) and got greeted by a man telling me he was going to introduce me to ‘the black family’. I politely ignored him and finally got home for a snack of hard bread and dough.

Tired today – look a bit like a bloated chipmunk.

The happiness when Backstreet Boys were played on TV (not so sure about Johanna though, maybe she is too young to appreciate the greatness).

Kristy really fancied Beckham…

Boys. Suddenly the place were filled with them all smartly dressed up. They didnt dare to sit close, felt a bit like a school disco. I was waiting for someone to come up with a greasy hand filled with sweets and offer me a punch pralin.

Fancy bathrooms. The only place to sit down. Boring to spend the night in there though so I took my sore feet and ventured back to the dance floor for some busting moves with the girls.

However, had to catch a picture of my back cleavage. Open invitation for wandering hands apparently. I haven’t that much skin och skin contact with my colleagues like ever.

Pretty ladies. Flavour of the night was black. Hulya was stunning in Maria red. No wonder the boys kept hovering around these two beauties on the dance floor (if by ‘hovering’ you mean ‘madly groping and grinding’)

Proof! Jonas was there!

Another set of black clad ladies.

Not so perky today.

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