A city filled with Santas

Last weekend in London before Christmas. It was 10 degrees and sunny. On friday night I went out with work for ‘one’ drink. Told Oliver I’d be home for dinner. At 3 am in the morning I stumbled home. It was a fun night…

Saturday had a slightly slow start but we managed to head into town for lunch, meeting Jonas for a coffee and fight our way through the crowds of central London oddly filled with Santas and men in Christmas sweaters.

Sunday had everything you could wish for – long walk, pizza, The Killing in bed and sitting for 2 hours on a hard chair when having your portrait painted.

Santa con. Central London filled with drunk Santas. Also something to do on a Saturday (just wish no kids saw that)

Oliver taking pictures – a sunday tradition

Middle of December and its 10 degrees and sun – there are some perks to living in London.

I wore english country get up. Tweed, riding inspired leather boots and knit sweater.

On the way back it was so flooded we needed to take a detour. Other people were a bit more clever about it.

Oliver decided to end the weekend by painting my portrait. Pretty bang on except for my slightly evil mouth. I was pretty tired at getting ‘träsmak’ by this time so maybe my mouth reflects my thoughts of revenge.

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