The small things in life

Spring is in the air for sure. I’m skipping around the Wimbledon neighborhood during lunch break pretending to be a wild life photographer in the Amazonas. Kind of.

Tonight a drink with work in the sun and tomorrow I’ll finally get to chillaxa at home. I think I’ll celebrate that with a long walk. Next week I’ll be chillin’ my beans in Fuerteventura. I am working but it’s the kind of customer facing, hanging in the sun type of work. I cant say I mind too much.

Another toilet picture, another look. Flower trousers and shirt. Go summer. 
Dandelions, unidentified blue flowers and GREEN. Told you spring was here. 
Yes, wild life photographer. If you count the local park wild life. I do, I have run into a fox there a couple of times. 
New shoes (bought them long time ago mum). Weirdly comfortable. From Gant but i bought them at TK Maxx. Win.  

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