Amongst butterflies and pink blossoms

Another weekend gone. I’m sitting at home working waiting to get on the plane to The Canary Islands and a week of frolic and fun. My bag is packed with way too many shoes and none of the practical gear.

Tonight I’m seeing Jules for drinks before heading off. Cant wait to see my little angel. Hopefully Maggie and Bella are coming as well.

Before dinner with the Holms last week I saw this dog playing around in the water

Miranda and Rupert discussing illustrations for his book

Ol looking dashing in a suit.

On Wednesday I went for a drink with work. Andreas was in town so we headed to Bertie’s. He and Ivan discussing their gangs.

Anna and Tom look mighty impressed.

Benjie was there and gave the french/palestinian take on gangs. He won when he said someone got his leg blown off outside his school.

Pretty flowers.

On Saturday i got to choose exhibition. We ended up at the butterfly one. Ol was happy since he could spend hours sketching them.

I run around fighting the kids for the best pictures.

Butterfly breeding.

There was butterflies everywhere.

Feeding frenzy.

After I’ve gone about three laps around the place Ol still hadnt moved.

He got a little buddy however so I forgave him.
On Sunday we took a long walk with Miranda and Tompa and then ate delicious dinner at Havelock and watched Firefly in bed.

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