If you smoke up a chimney you feel like you are in the Great Gatsby

Touchdown London and off again in a couple of hours for Jossan’s wedding. it will be so nice to see everyone but i cant help dreaming of a weekend in London doing nothing.

So much have happened over the last couple of weeks I have barely been able to brief you guys (yes you, my 5 readers). Anyways, I’ve been drinking G&T with Tom’s awesome mum Chrissy (Anna and me have decided that we will be like her when growing up), drinking jägerbombs with Tom’s awesome friends (special thanks to Gaz), drinking mojitos with awesome colleagues and tea with Oliver when I’ve crashed on the sofa in between (I wonder if Oliver feels like he got the short end of that stick).

It has been fun, crazy and lovely. Somerset was beautiful. Even me, the born and raised city rat, contemplated living a life in a tiny cottage by the sea (then i came to my senses and realised I would miss asphalt smell and late night opened corner shops). I got to eat hog roast (yum) and flat somerset cider as well as dance all night at the Wellie. I saw sheep, loads of them, and ate cream tea overlooking the ocean. Anna, Charlotte and me shared a loft that felt like home and got taken around by the Wyrwoll brothers to all the sights of Minihead.

I couldnt have wished for more (except for maybe sleep)

Here are some pics from Somerset before I can offload the camera and show you the real deal

 Goodie bag for Chrissy. Amongst other goodies where turkish pepper shots and aussie ciders. We drank most of it.

 Charlotte and me finished a bottle of vodka in the car down (ehrm dad, you didnt read that) and was in good form for the night.

 Naughty kids.

 I wanted to follow this path and get lost in the greens but then I thought better of it. Couldn’s miss my Minihead experience.

 Tom is the king of the world. (note his fashion glasses)

 A sheep on a table. Where else than in Somerset. They really love their sheep.

Ciders and smiles. You could say that’s how most of the weekend went (if you replace cider with ‘all sorts of alcohol’ and smiles with ‘crude joked from Tom and Danny and laughs from the rest of us)

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