The popcorn hero

Beautiful out when I walked home last night. The sky was on fire. I contemplated Halloween costume, how long the perfect walk home from work is (closer to 40 min, not 1h15 as in my case), what Sanna and me will do when she is in London (have a vision of her and me hanging with the deers in Richmond Park and shopping ridiculous shoes as well as eating macaroons while pretending to be rich housewives) and if its normal to eat 1.5kg of Djungelvral in 2 weeks.

This is an inspiring view. Too bad I ended up thinking about mundane every day things rather than great thoughts of genius.

Oliver showing off his new light looking like a mad man. maybe that’s what 3 days in bed do to you.

I made him a bowl of perfect popcorn. After making every one feel better on their hang over (since  mine is ALWAYS so much worse) this is my second super power. I always make perfect popcorn and i don’t cheat with a micro wave. The hung over popcorn hero. Thats me.

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