Eyes Like The Ocean

Oliver sent over some picture’s that didnt make his Picture of Day project. Since my blog normally features shit mobile phone pictures they ended up here. And makes my blog look amazing. The difference in quality control.

Disco ball from Candice’s bday dinner. This is the calm before Ben butted his head into a rack of glasses and we realised we had to leave.

Artsy forest during our Hampstead Heath walk.

Some more artsy black and white forest. You can trust my boyfriend to always supply these kind of pictures.

The dachshund brigade. These little guys walk around the Heath most of the time with a guy running a dachsie hotel. They are lovely when they come on mass (even if I hang with the one black sheep of the group – the schnauzer that always hangs with these sausages)

Me and Woolla after a late night out. He must love the smell of booze. He is in a ‘i love you mummy’ faze and i find him looking at me with soulful eyes most of the time.

In (vampire) party mood. I think im dancing. And I am very, very white. Like a little ghost.

Roxy and Jose. This is what happens when you have been playing in the mud all day.

Roxy chillin when we are all eating food. She is bit better positioned for food stealing than my dog. Thats because she is a little ewok princess.

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