Tired doggies and glamorous girls

Met up with Robbo after work last night. He showed me around their opulent show room. Did I want to own those all dresses? Yes. Do I want to marry an Arabian oil billionaire that it would take to own those dresses? Well, no.

Even if there will be no dresses for me I walked around feeling glamorous (or more like a naughty kid sniffing her mums dresses). We had a beer in his office and then went to Pix for dinner and a couple of drinks. Home early Robin being a dad (!!) and me getting home for Woolla. Times have changed.

Robin gave me some sound advice on about everything and I felt a bit like a lost kid listening to my elders (do you see the theme of feeling like a kid?) but also like great things will happen. Because they will.

Came home and got some mega loving from my dog. Hadn’t seen him in 2 days so we had some him and me time which means W licking my face for 15 minutes, me throwing his ball around for 5 and then him falling asleep on the bed. Snoozy doggie.

‘What mummy, me tired? No bruv, dont know what you are talking about.’

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