We are a head taller than anyone else in there

Sister and I are in Prague. We meet at the airport and take a cab to the flat we have borrowed from Dad’s friend. It’s in the middle of town in a cute house with the most touristy, sweet little restaurant on the ground floor.

It’s so hot. It’s the first trip we do together the two of us and we wear colourful dresses and sunhats and almost melt away walking the streets. So we stop at restaurants and my sister eat feta salad and I eat traditional Czech food and we both drink beer after beer.

We are amazed by how beautiful the city are and we try to see some sights but mostly we just talk. That is really why we are here, to talk. We are the same my sister and I. Good and bad. We have an appetite for life and can make people happy with our smiles. We talk loud and walk into a room and own it. We have big hearts and dream big and smile a lot and sometimes we think we can do anything.

But we are also prone to depressions and question ourselves. We sometimes grow tired of being loved and want to hide away from the people that need us. The need to flee sometimes get so strong we want to give up. We give until there is nothing left to give and then we have nothing.

In Prague we talk about all of those things. Of the dreams that never happened and the ones that are still there. Of how amazing it is that we are sisters. Of love and sadness and ups and downs and being us.

On the last night we have talked about it all. So we go out, drink too many drinks and dance. People can tell we are sisters because of the smiles both of us have. The never ending kind. The kind that make people ask what we are on. And that we are a head taller than anyone else in there. And drink like men and swear like sailors.

And on that dance floor, dancing with my sister who understands me so well, the pieces of my heart fall back into place and I know I will be ok. Because love.

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