Fleeing the city

Friday. Deciding if I can be bothered to go out and do something or just stay home. I’m just so tired. Not sure why but the thought of people and socialising and talking is like hell no. 

But I have been doing an awful lot of sofa sitting…
I booked a trip for me and George to get out of town next Sunday. He is doing crazy cocktail week stuff next week and I just need away time.
So we are going here for two nights.
And chillin around in here. Exactly what I dream of. No wifi, no nearby town. Just us and the animals of the farm. Dream. 
I had a run in with the French again yesterday. So I created my den of zen as George calls it. Then Katta came over and we talked about boys rather than never ending fights with our product team. Needed that.
So we’ll see what tonight brings. Candles deluxe or drinks. 

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