3 years of awesome

Natalia came  to the office with little baby Sophie yesterday. And even if its one little hurting part of me that finds it painful seeing babies the ‘OMG i love them’ part wins. Every time.

Look at this little baby angel.

Already a total selfie pro.

Ive got this baby holding shit down. Also, check out my awesome onsie. Feel like a cool artist in the 70s chilling around at home smoking and drinking a glass of whiskey while discussing politics.

Well, the discussing politics are still true. For any swedes read this if you havent already. This is how i feel about SD, they are destroying everything i believe in.

After work headed up to Found for Georges 3 year in London celebration. I think i found someone who is even more sentimental than me. Love that about him, he cares so much.

He found a dog to dance with.

Harry and Liam looking suave. Best boys in London. Realising how many awesome people have come into my life during the last 2 years.

Harry and Liam are both total sweethearts. A thing i find interesting is how much openly sweeter london boys are than swedes. In sweden its all jokes and irony and you would never casually tell your male friend you love them. At least not in my age group. In London its all hugs and compliments and love.

I think thats one of the reasons i love it here, it has soften me and opened me. I remember when i met Tom and Ben and they taught me hugs. I seriously needed to be taught how to casually hug. I think its always better to be loving and sweet to people around you. I sometimes feel it saved me from the hard shell i erected around me in Sweden. Its what brought the big depression but what lead me here. To love.

Ok, cheese aside, London boys, you rock!

Katta joined as well. Selfie stars.

We ordered deliveroo and had a (yes, only one for me) pickleback since picklebacks are life. And Tommys because i didnt even know i loved margarita until Tommys entered my life and made me dream of that stuff.

George and his well matching boys.

When Found closed at 11 we left for home. George was pretty drunk (as he should be) but i took it easy on the drinks. We all know i have to stay on the straight and narrow until holiday.

This was one of those perfect nights. Everyone was happy and it didnt go too crazy on a tuesday. Yes, grown up much. 10 years ago this wouldnt even have registered as a night out. Sometimes i miss 25 year old me and her never ending thirst for fun but most of the time im so happy to be past that. If its something ive definitely done in my life its having fun.

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