Sunshine and unicorn drinks

Its already 9th of November. Crazy. Next week both my parents and then my sister are in London. Cant express how excited i am about this. Going to a musical with my parents and taking my sis to Found and Camden. And then to meet Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie on Sunday. A full on London weekend.

Need my sister. Someone calm, sweet, smart and like me to discuss everything with. To give me a bit of perspective. And i get to have her all to myself.

I have never seen my team this focused. I wish it was because the riveting work i give them but no, its because they are signing Sita up to a dating site…

Sunny days n London. Had W in the office and took him for a walk during lunch. He is such a hero to have at work, everyone loves him because he is so calm and just chilling around while coming up and saying hi from time to time. Every workplace should have a dog in my opinion.

Finally drank the unicown drink George brough home to me from Cardiff.

Look at that beauty, its like swirling gold in there. It tasted delicious as well. Not unhappy about that as a night cap.

So much autumn outside. It feels long and warm this year and i love it. If we can keep winter at bay and have long golden days until december i will not be unhappy.

Preparing to take it easy this weekend. Dont really have plans. I have W all weekend since Ol is in Japan so im seeing walks in our future. George is working so itll be me and my trusted hound. Not very exciting but pretty nice anyway.

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