The cuddle master

When i first told my mum i was pregnant she said im going to find that you are pregnant for sooo long. And today feels like that. Im not even half way. I dont mind but i want to meet little jellybean.

And i struggle with my emotions a bit now. Being all over the place. Got upset with my parents yesterday. We are going to Sweden end of the month and was going to be just us, with maybe bro and Sandra, at the country house, and then they told me they are going to be there as well. And i lost it. There is so much pent up tiredness and this was going to be our one time being away alone before baby.

So sorry dad that i got upset. As the classic goes; its not you, its me. I just fly off the handle a bit. I need a break that isnt being bridesmaid in Spain, seeing all my friends in sthlm or living with polish people at a fun, but hectic wedding. Everything has gone so fast. Stomach bug, treatment, getting pregnant and all the traveling. But thats the classic life puzzle isnt it. ‘Holiday’ is for when the baby pops out.

Cuddling with Woolly yesterday. Hes already protecting the belly. He can definitely tell something is up.

Hey there little favourite man. Your my best chill out pal.

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