When we were baby free for a glorious 24h

Sara turned 30 and George and me took the opportunity to go 100% baby free over night for the first time since Lukas.

Shiko, being an angel, came to babysit Lukas and George and me glammed up and left the house without a backward glance (sorry baby L, we love you but it was pretty damn baller being without you for an evening).

Happily unaware we were leaving him.

We all kind of look like we have a tiny little tan.

Pre drinking coronas because BABY FREE!!

Lukas wanted some of that as well. His parents son.

We checked into the hotel and felt right at home.

Nice to dress up for a second. I still have like 8kg to loose that I’m struggling big time with (I hate talking about it because nothing worse than weight talk but the fact is that I can’t fit any of my clothes and have had to buy new ones).

But I felt good. Like myself.

It was Sara’s 30th but turned out to be her engagement party as well. Double whammy on the celebrations.

It was games and food and drinks in her parents house. I miss a good house party.

We stayed until 1 before leaving for the hotel. Even if I was a tad hangover the day after it was the best little 24h off.

But, not unhappy coming home to this guy.

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