My weekend in multi colour

We had a white themed summer party with work so what better than dress up in a sheet and put some gold in your hair. Worsk every time.

The Maria girls rocked the party

Thats what you call team work

On Saturday it was Tompens 21st and he celebrated drinking champagne coctails while the rest of us were doing crazy things like mint tea, juice and coffee. The downside of hanging out with people way older than you.

But at least they look happy, must be all that healthy shit.

I took a little walk on the church yard and photographed the movements of the birds. I wonder in what chapter thats covered in the beginners guide to photograpy.

Grave stones – thats definitely #5. Unfortunate that our church yard is so pretty, dont really give that ghastly morbid feeling.

Tompens Bday dinner were celebrated at garlic and shots with garlic meatballs. Yummy!! After this the other went to a strip club and I was sent home to rest in front of the TV eating ice cream and watch crap american series. Best thing ever!

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