In a city preparing for the Olympics all I see is flowers

Summer in London continues. I hear people swear over the heat and see them red faced and sweaty. I love it. I soak it up like a cat on a window sill. I’ve always thought I loved fall, I might have to rethink that. Warmth, sun and flowers definitely make me happy.

Yesterday I went down to the river with my old New Zealand friend Ben for a drink. Have barely seen him since Honduras 4 years ago. Since that time he have started enjoying triathlons and just did an iron man. He tried to convince me its my future. I highly doubt it. I humored him and kept sipping on my wine.

People were queuing in a straight line for the bar. Very proper, very english.

After drinks i went up to angel and met oliver and his friends to share an eton mess and a cheese board. What else do you need for dinner?

Today keeping summer by wearing my new dress a bought on the sale.

 After work heading for the park again. Reading a new vampire/witches/demon book and cant wait to get out into the sun.

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