Train Songs

I found the best music list on Spotify – their compilation of Bluegrass. Epic. Today is spent feeling like im laying in the grass, chewing a straw and dreaming of clouds. Not sitting in the office putting together a presentation.

My doggie is the cuddle master. Give him a foot and he is happy. Last night he got scared by something though and woke up in the middle of the night barking and growling at the window. Hoping it wasnt someone in the garden.

We enjoyed Ols Easter gift. Love After Eight. So simple and yet so amazing.

And finally we got to see the 3 new episodes of GoT. Ive been holding my tongue not to tell people Jeoffrey were going to get it. Downside of having read the books 10 years ago.

Tube strike again. They love that here in London. There will be a lot of walking this week. Ill survive, even the chestnut trees are blooming.

Got greeted by sweeties when I came into the office. From work. Awesome!

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