You are dancing in my fever dreams

Been out of action for the last 4 days. Landed from NYC, had a day with Ol and Wool in the sun and then came down with fever. For the first 2 days i could barely move. Very boring and maybe my body’s way of asking me to take it easy. I have been sick a lot over the last year so guessing my immune system is shot to pieces.

Ol and me were supposed to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Instead i lay swimming in my own sweat in bed. Not the same. He had however got me a really sweet gift. Modern fairytale illustrated by David Hockney.

As well as some free fancy stuff from Estee Lauder. Yes please. Not that I had any use of neither lipstick, old serum or perfume were I lay.

Wednesday and I started feeling better. Good thing since I needed to be good for today – going home to sweden for midsummer and for a second there I thought i would have to give it a miss. I was pretty bored and celebrated that by putting glasses on my dog. The true joy of being a dog owner.

One of Ol’s gifts from NYC, a bicycle t-shirt. He loves that stuff. Feel a bit bad about saying goodbye again after being home for barely a week were most of it have been spent sleeping or throwing him out of bed (yes, I had a moment in my worst fever sweats when I didnt know how I would survive if i didnt get to roll over on his dry side of the bed. So, I threw him out. To my defense it was 10 in the morning.)

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