A night in winter wonderland

Work drinks at Winter Wonderland last night. Loads of beer and german live band singing. Exactly like an afterski minus the thermo outfit.

The giggly three. These guys are like straight out of an american teenage movie. Awesome!

The beer garden at Winter Wonderland. Very, very german. In the way you either love or hate. I love it…

Im not pretend carrying beer bottles, im merely doing my hands in the air wave.

Dan looking for his selfie stick (best secret santa gift) and posing.

Dan took about 400 photos with his new toy. That went down a storm.

My team of girls plus Dan.

Drank about 6 of those. Feel it today. Well worth it.

Playing with the selfie stick.

Ok team, lets pose and work out how this stuff works.

There you go…

Team hang out. Great crew.

On our way to Wilde Maus XXL. Dimitra hates rides. I held her hand all through it.

The girls were very happy. Like kids. They are 22 after all.

More team pictures. We all survived the ride.

Before going for the gigantic german sausages. That was the end to our night. One of those and we all needed to head home. I fell asleep at 10.

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