2 months, 8 weeks, 60 days, thousands of hours

2 months today. This is when you start counting months which is better than weeks and even better than days. Time is passing, we become a memory. I still wake up sometimes turning to your side of the bed wondering, feeling the emptiness but I no longer fall in on myself and cry. I hug Woolly and get on with the day. Because you have to.

2 months when spring turned into an early summer. When nature have exploded in green and the sun warms my face in the mornings. 2 months of sadness, loss, emptiness and a feeling of ‘I cant do this, I give up, Ill never leave bed again’. But also of a tentative feeling of hope, of friends and of Oliver an me making this work.

60 days i never want to experience again but that needed to happen.

Now, to the next 2 months. I hope i’ll be less sad, have a bit more energy, take some decisions that means good things and that i will really feel this summer. And be happy. I really hope for some happiness and laughter that means something.

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