Wilder Mind

I was out with Tommy and Jon last night. As always with my wing man Tom I drank a bit too much and had loads of fun. Jon told me crazy stories about sleeping with half the company and now moving to Canada to be with a girl he met 3 years ago. Who lives in the States. His thinking is that Canada is closer. He barely knows this girl but think she is the one. Its sweet. And a tad bit crazy. And Canada is still a fair bit away from America.

My best thing with hanging out with Tom is that he always puts things into perspective. He never tell me what to do, or that i need to cheer up. He just tell me stories that makes me do just that. He has a never ending amount of cautionary tales about all of his friends that make me bend over with laughter and think ‘shit, at least im not stuck in that’ (if you ever meet him ask the one about the guy and the chickens). And he believes in me. Whenever i talk sad he listens, gives me a beer and tells me ill be alright cause im awesome.

Sometimes that is all you need.

Between friends like Kix that comes with helpful advice and an understanding of Shit, Filippa sending me little pepping messages, Maggie and Sanna telling stories about their lives, Tommy giving me a beer and cheer up sweet girl and everyone else in my life believing in me ill be fine.

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