Impressed yet?

I made a very healthy, pretty thought through dinner last night. Since i still have A&C i find myself  cooking even if Im only doing it for myself. A least im past the cold baked beans phase (almost, I tend to fall right back into it when im hanging, sad or just tired – a lot of the time in other words).

A very green and healthy dinner. And before this I did yoga. All to try and clean this old body of mine.

But, as you can see, I also had a healthy amount of butter on the mushrooms and then ended dinner with some sweets. A tiger never loses his stripes.

Tada! Dinner greatness.

Tonight heading to Kix wondering what ill get served. You never know in that household. Kix is my one social thing this week, feels simultaneously good and kind of lonely. Ol is stealing the dog this weekend as well so I wonder what ill do with all that time.

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