Swamp arm goes to dinner

Dont know if you can see but i have actually done my nails. 5 weeks of nothing this felt like a halleluja moment. It did take forever and hand made by swamp arm look kinda of wonky but small victories. Im slowly getting back to normal, one day ill be able to shave my armpit again #lifegoals

(proof of done nails. Im also wearing a sweater for the first time since freak accident. #lifegoals2)

Tonight taking Tommy W to dinner. Highest up restaurant in London. Cause he loves space. Im fly like that. Too bad about swamp arm but this have been planned for months. We’re going to try and behave and be normal people for an evening. Wish us luck.

Tomorrow a couple of bday drinks AND the answer from Doc. Surgery or not. Im going to go full in unicorn again and believe im fixed. If not fuck my life.

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