An unexpected turn of events

(Captains log: Day 3 on my drinking week. Starting to feel it now. My body feels weak, eyes red and legs shaky. Im not sure how long i can hold out. Running out of fuel. Pieces of my mind is going.)

Me and Jacke went all to way out to o2 yesterday to enjoy us some Mumford and Sons last night  Great shout. It was an amazing show and they had even the white, middle class people the audience consisted of standing up and dancing.

We didnt really. I blame arm but it was just general tiredness. Not even too cool for school. Because we know by now that im anything but cool.

Your standard far away concert picture.

At the end of the show they walked out into the audience and then ended up on this little stage in the middle singing a capella. Goose bumps moment.

The night might have been over there, was supposed to head home and get my beauty sleep for the xmas party. However, not know for my ability to say no I got lured away by a french guy.

Jean, a guy ive been talking to on tinder sent me this message. At first I said not because, well, was at another show but then i decided to go meet him after. I mean, why not.

Met up with Jean in town and us and the band went to crobar, this great rock bar. Had the best time. We had shots, hung out with the guys who were these absolutely brilliant early 20s somethings. I wish i knew them when i was 20, I potentially would have married them all.

I instantly knew with J that him and me have the making of great friends. That what i do. Even on Tinder. Make friends that i then keep forever.

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