The stories will continue

You guys seemed to appreciate my little starry eyed love snippet yesterday. If this was a blog that had more than 10 readers it would probably have been my most read post. But the 10 of you are loyal, you tend to read all my posts. Arigatou.

I did however get some whatsapp pings of the type ‘you have to meet him again’ (but he’s my muse. I need to pine from afar to create art) and ‘start writing goddammit’ (why do you think im vacuum cleaning tinder at the moment? Its all for the stories).

Anyway, I say the people have spoken (on the writing, not seeing the guy again) and ill keep posting little stories here. They’ll most likely be highly emotional since, well, im a highly sentimental woman. Bear with me. Who knows, one day you might call me a modern day Jane Austen (modesty, bah).

Otherwise in my world. Went for dinner yesterday with Lollo’s crew. We ate meat. Loads of it. There were also some countryside road tripping planned. Then Soho House. 

Texted with short ass (yeah he deserves that after the ‘non date’ because my height) and he was mightily disappointed with me going all fancy rather than gritty East London gigs. You just cant please them all.

Tonight date in Brixton. Its been a long time coming since we’ve been texting for 2 weeks. And he wants to give me a unicorn onsie. But do hate the whole first date with someone you dont know. But i do it for you peeps – the stories.

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