That first time

‘So, what will our origin story be?’ you ask and take a drag on your cigarette. Your eyes twinkle and I know you are flirting. In that way I love. With words and smiles and questions and joining me in my adventures.

‘This. This is our origin story’ I answer and drag you up on the dance floor.

And we dance. For hours. We create our story between smiles, laughs and getting to know each other. You grimace when you realise how much I hate cycling. ‘Now we can never get married’ you say and hours later you come and ask me why. Ask me to give you reasons for hating something you love.

I see you in the corner of my eye all night. See you watching me. ‘I have never seen anyone smile like you, you are so happy’. You say this again and again and when the music change and I get tired you ask me what I want to hear because you want to keep seeing my smile, keep me happy.

So you change it to the music you love and it does make me smile and we dance.

I jump up on the table and you join me carrying an umbrella and I think to myself that this is what I want, someone who joins me in my silly. The table almost breaks under us and we jump off in a laughing tumble and sit down to smoke together.

‘I keep people’ I say. ‘I find the amazing ones and keep them forever’

‘So keep me’. You wink at me and i might feel a tiny butterfly. Its hard to say with all the happiness of the night.

I like that you like me. And I like you. But I don’t know how to do this. How to like someone. So I keep twirling just out of your reach and in the end of the night I go to bed. I hug you goodnight and you look into my eyes.

‘This was a great origin story’

And a part of me wish it was true, that this is just the beginning of you and me.

2 thoughts on “That first time

  1. Tack, vad gullig du är. Tänker att jag samlar alla historier om vackra män tills jag blir gammal och behöver minnas hur det kan kännas att träffa någon med magi i ögonen.


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