The weather was so lovely last night I just had to grab Katta under the arm and take her around Wormwood Scrubs. Woolly was NOT unhappy about that.

London in spring ❤

Katta and me spent most of the walk talking about how amazing this city is and how happy she is that she moved her. Me too. And she has the best to come when ALL the pubs explode unto the streets and London celebrate all summer.

After the walk we went for some turkish take away. Woolly was not unhappy about that either. He knows that means chicken.

We were pretty damn happy too. Afer 4 hours walking you deserve kebab. Loads of it. Enough for lunch the day after.

Snoozer hound took a snooze and we had chocolate on the sofa. A tuesday well spent I would say. Heading up East way tonight for some cocktails – bring on fun half of the week.

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