Showered in love. And it looks like glitter and smells like you

Ok, trigger warning for this being a massively cheesy post. All loved up. As in one day when im less all rose tinted glasses I’ll look back at this and go ‘shit, i so was THAT girl’.

But, at the moment being that girl so here goes.

Went out to Heathrow to meet George when he landed. Maybe a tad nervous. I texted Katta before and was all like ‘what if we just dont like each other that much. Then  we can never go to Found again. That cant happen, I need to think of my funniest jokes to make him remember how cool i am’. 

Needent be nervous. Most people brought flowers or welcome balloons, I brought coke and popcorn. Nailed it.

After what felt like hours on the tube we ended up at loves company to pick up Harry and have a couple of drinks before heading to George’s for my favourite part…gifts (ok, to be honest, my favourite part was when Harry left…)

George had been schlepping this huge gift for me for his 32 hour flight. I mean really. This is when i go all lovey dovey but how can i not?

To add insult to injury (if you can call being awesome injury) he bought me the most perfect gift ever. A killer print of Han Solo. Looking sexy. On a black glitter background. So much yes on that one.

And if it wasnt enough his dad had also got me something. He picked out this necklace for me. By himself. G was shocked, Im dont even know what to say about that much love from his family. And his baby brother gave me an obsidian blade to keep the white walkers away (total GoT refrence).

So very sweet of his family. Especially since I kind of represent George not coming back to Sydney. Cant wait to meet them.

I also got a bracelet. A friendship bracelet with Harry, George and one of his friends in Sydney. Is it ok that im so flattered by not only being girlfriend showered with love but getting the friendship pat on the back as well? Im deciding its ok. Also looks sexy.

Finally (warned you) I woke up to find this hidden in my bag. My last little gift,sailor earrings, and the sweetest little note.

I dont know what to say after all that. You’re awesome dont really cut it. I might have squeeled a bit and sat with my Solo print in my lap ALL night. There might also have been a lot of kisses. Bit of koala hugging. Not going to bed until 6 in the morning because so much to talk about.

And a lot of love. Totally that girl. Because its not really the gifts (even if Han Solo is AMAZING) but whats behind. His family wanting to welcome me, George looking so proud for giving me something I love so much and all that thought and thinking put into it.

And just him. Because he makes me so very happy.

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