Damn you Sanna

Leaving for Sweden in a couple of hours but first, a mournful post to the fact that Sanna and peter wont be coming to Midsummer this year.

Sanna have been celebrating with Maggie and me for at least the last 8 years.

Now. No more


So, lets do a Midsummer with Sanna tribute (and may you forever burn in hell for leaving me)

The best coast year. 2013. It was weird and we went all the way down to the West Coast. Becasue thats what we do for each other..

Cooler than cool last year when it was pissing down the entire time.

Best coasting. Look how happy we are.

2014. We were back where we belong again.

Boating. Maybe 2011. Who knows.

Oh, it was 2011.

We had brasilian company.

A decent amount of shots down the line.

2010. My first year in London. And i came back for you Sanna.

Wow, my wreath doesnt look too shabby this year. Impressed.

 A year. Not even Midsummer. But in Djursvik and like long ago. See Sanna how far back we go…

 We even celebrated together the Turkey year 2007.

 And was cutely dressed in blue in the Mosque. 

 What can i say, me and Maggie will miss you.

Like a lot…

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