I’m having a weekend at home. Much needed after all these birthdays, holidays, more birthdays, Paris etc. Yeah I know it, living a hard life. 

I wore puffy arms and new glasses on Friday. Even if you are staying home it’s nice to dress like an 80’s dream. 
Me and woolly ate sushi and stayed in bed. We can live the quiet life if we have to. 
George came home late and because he is sleepy and snoozy we had breakfast and chilled on the sofa by ourselves. Need no man (except when it comes to disconnect the dishwasher, then we definitely need a man).
After the chillin we went to the park. It’s very pretty at the moment. Woolly chased squirrels and I contemplated summer holidays. Still have no idea. 
Fluffy pink prettiness. 
Going to wake my man up soon and make him join me for beauty and the beast. That might make this Saturday even more bad ass awesome. 

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