A much needed sweetie ban

Yesterday it was Katta’s bday. Happy birthday lovely!! We went for dinner at the Ivy. 

George and his girls. 
I was feeling iffy all the day and worked from home. George thought it was my newly formed no sweetie and snack ban for a month. I’m pretty sure it can’t make you feel depressed that quickly.
The day before we got a crew together around ours to go for a walk and play some basketball (just a wait for the pub).
George was happy playing barefoot basketball. Biggest smile on his face ever. 
Leanne fell in love with Woolly and wanted to steal him. He seemed pretty happy with all that attention. 
I made chocolate balls for Asrin. Because taste of the childhood for a fellow swede. 
Hence sweetie ban for a month. My body had started craving the sugar. Then I know I need to go off it for a while. Since I am fail I’m getting an Ocado delivery today with bilar, dill chips, delicatobollar and cheese doodles. Only going to have to wait for that for a month….
Maybe for the best with me fixing 3 holes on Friday. For £750. Not cheap being addicted to sugar. 

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