The subtle hint to get fit

I know I’ve sucked at updating this week but it’s because I’ve done minimal effort. For real. Zero fun.

I was sick in the beginning of the week and then I’ve been taking it easy to give my body a break. While George have been gallivanting around W and me have been keeping the sofa safe. 
Cutest sofa companion though. 
My colleague at work gave me a Fitbit smartwatch. I’m happy because i wanted a Fitbit but it also means I a) have to give up my beloved cluse watch and b) get fit.
So my plan is to use it for a bit and when I get my bonus buy a normal Fitbit and gift this to George. It has calendar reminders. That would save his ass. 
Other than that nothing much. Meeting George for lunch and then Swedish Xmas market tomorrow. Very chilled. I need my Xmas spirit back now that moving has taken over my December plans.
Time for some Xmas music! 

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