Wonder Woman

2 more days (yes, this is a countdown. Not only to Christmas but to holiday. Dreaming of no dog, no move and no work hanging over me).

Had to remove some rubbish from outside the old flat. Felt strong. Because I’m a strong independent woman that need no man. At least when my man has already left for sthlm. 
After running around and fixing the last bits with the move (what up with it taking FOREVER? Everyone also goes on holiday so deposit etc won’t be processed until after. Skint January) I chilled on the sofa eating a delicious dinner of bagel. Need to eat myself out of the house. 
Opened a lovely Christmas card from George parents. With the rain pouring outside I was quite jealous of this sand Christmas tree (??).
Feeling strong this morning as well I chilled in bed for a while with W but then I threw out 5 bin bags of crap and did a bit more clearing. It’s never ending at the moment but at least the sofa is clear. 
Tonight packing and then up up and away to holiday!! Eat and sleep. Winning. 

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