The Allbright

Me and the girls finally went to the The Allbright yesterday. Ive been a member for more than a month now but havent been able to find the time. But being doggo free with was time for some unplanned hang out. Ooooh, the days of spontaneous fun (listen to my tiny, tiny violin)

The house is near Tottenham Court and is this beautiful place of calm and gorgeous interior design details.

We found some sofas to chill out in and sat there for ours drinking GTs and eating truffle nuts. And i dont even like truffle. But its the stuff you do when you are ladies who drink in a members club.

Not sad when you find all of these little virginia woolf details (even if the girl showing us around lost it and called her victoria…)

And the flowers. Like a garden dream. It was such a lovely, calm place. Will be my escape from busy london whenever im in town shopping.

Beautiful Katta.

These lilacs are a bit more impressive than mine are. Bet they are not from tesco. Smelled like summer and dreams.

Its such a lovely, calm and gorgeous space. Apparently they are opening another club at the end of the year. Can see days working with the girls here planning to take over the world. Or just drinking cocktails and gossip about men. Equally important.

Feeling at home. We sat there until they closed and caught up on all things life. I love that i have a family in London as well. Needed in the roller coaster that is life.

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