Longing for the long weekend

Since im on holiday from tomorrow until Tursday and dont know if ill be posting much ill hit you up with another post today.

You lucky bastards.

I have a full schedule for the bank holiday weekend. Maggie and baby Olivia are on their way to London as we speak and George (hero) has cooked us the biggest batch of Bulgars Bad Ass Bolognese ever. So we will be chilling in the garden eating, drinking and talking. Miss my little Maggie.

Then tomorrow evening im off to Whitstables with Katta, Eric and Darren. We are going to eat at the lobster shack and inhale oysters. George is not joining – ill smell like seafood all weekend. Cant wait to get out of London, its about to be 20 degrees all weekend.

Yesterday took some pictures of my garden. Yeah, yeah, i know. Its pretty boring to hear about my garden. But im excited. My life cant always be hoedowns and fancy members clubs.

The lavender already living in my garden is starting to flower. It smells lovely. Im not a lavender fan normally but out in the open like this its gorgeous.

My Jasmine climbing away. I want it to span the wall and reach out with its pretty flowers but its got a way to go.

Herb awesomeness. Whatever you need i have it.

And last, but not least, my new lilac. Its having a bit of a bad time but im sure my green (ish) fingers can coax some life into it. Or kill it.

Hoping it will be warm enough for Maggie, Olivia and me to have dinner in the garden tonight.

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