The shopping devil

I headed to TK Maxx to buy a soap yesterday. Bad idea. As always i got sucked into the hole that is TK Maxx and came out with way more stuff. Its like a more expensive ikea. You always end up buying more than you needed. Maybe not napkins but at least one smelly candle and some beauty stuff.

Fair enough i will probably use all of it but still. Thats my shopping budget for this month. Spent before the month even started.

Among all the stuff i barely needed i also got some things for my man. When you have shopped all the clothes you need its time for the rest of the family. Bought a toy for Woolly and two t-shirts for George.

Dressing her family since -16

This is my ‘damn, i bought too much shit’ face.

After work i went to pick up W. Its warm again and i went for the summer uniform. White t-shirt and blue jeans.

Seriously, i love my laugh wrinkles. Everyone hates on their wrinkles but i love mine. It reminds me that ive had enough fun in my life to give me laugh wrinkle rather than worry ones.

Bring on more wrinkles. Less impressed with my short, frizzy grey hairs but nothing a little colour cant help when that day comes.

A new pillow. Keeping some of that tiki feeling on the flat. Having a dog pillows go a bit manky no matter how many times you wash them. So my old butterfly one is going to pillow heaven.

And new nail polish. No that i have a dusting of a tan i want to make my hands look even fresher with a bit of neon. Plus makes my ring pop.

When i was about to head to bed got a message from George who was in Manchester for the day. They had cancelled the last train home and he had to take an overnight coach instead. Drowning his sorrows on BK.

He came home at 7.30 this morning. Poor baby.

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