Back where i belong

London is kinda grey. Typical London. Or, thats not true, its often sunny and warm here but as soon as its rain its living up to its reputation and you have to say ‘typical London’.

I love being back. When you move you truly have two homes and when i get back to sweden i think to myself ‘im home’. But when i land in London and smell the asphalt and the people i feel that im home. Its two different things.

Coming back i woke George up and jumped in bed for a hug. I miss his hugs so bad when we are apart. And his laugh. His laugh is happiness to me.

The rose i got from George in the vase that i schlepped all the way from Sweden. It weighs lika 5kg and is from dads family in Norway. Mum hates it, I love it. And look, its perfect for a single rose.

First thing i did was check the garden. George had taken good care of it and out first home grown thingie was ready for eating.

I tiny wild strawberry. Very proud.

While i was gone the rose bush had exploded with white flowers.

Look. Its like the secret garden in the book i read as a kid. But not so secret maybe, i mean, you can see it from the tube.

It smells of flowers and you can hear birds chirping. So maybe it is a bit like a secret garden after all.

Because summer and warm and finally back home George made us pina coladas. Sunday perfection.

Going to work on tuesday stepping straight into the real world I wore my new ABBA t-shirt.

Whats cooler than cool? Ice cool.

And in the evening Wolly came back home and we do what we do best. Then G and me snuck off to watch Solo (I loved it, it was fun and a not too heavy) and then home to mini man again.

Yes, its amazing being back home with my little family again.

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