Pills and frosty grass

Feeling pretty good for the last couple of days. Accepted the fact that we wont start anything until we are back from Sydney and decided to enjoy the time until then instead. Next Friday is George last shift at Found and im coming back to drinking with a couple of delicious ones from my fiancee with my wingwoman Katta at my side. Tonight im seeing Lollo for dinner in town and hopefully seeing Kix for lunch tomorrow. See me enjoy the shit out of life.

George and i are in a good place. Its easier on both of us when we know whats going down and hes got this amazing ability to make me relax. So yeah, things are pretty decent at the moment.

Stocked up on vitamins. Not that i think that it works but hoping for placebo if nothing else. But maybe you need to believe it for placebo to work? Oh well, it cant hurt. Going to make this body into a temple.

Made dinner last night. Here we sit with our lapdogs like an old couple. But i guess Georges is a lapstag. Either way it was yummy. Pasta for the cold months.

By the way, did i tell you that my parents gave Sandra a lapdog two Christmasses in a row? Poor girl kept a good face unpacking in this year. Again. So now she and my bro have three. Necessary…

So cold this morning! Its been a proper cold snap and everyone in the office is sick. Im hoping my placebo pills will keep me fresh. Plus i had a big one before Christmas, no room for more sick right now.

Hello there beautiful park i visit at least 7 times a week. You and me ravenscourt…

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