Sorry body, ill do better

So my body is NOT happy at the moment. Its still fighting the stomach bug from Byron Bay and the traveling and jetlag is not helping.

My period is also about 20 days delayed (not preggers) which means that the whole treatment is being postponed with almost a month. I was almost stressing until Sanna said something very wise ‘your body obviously wants to rest after stomach bug and before hormone injections so its taking it sweet time’.

And yes, im going to let my body rest. Its clearly not ready yet. Sorry body for pushing you so much, youve had a rough year havent you?

On my way to France yesterday i was admiring my little leather heart that i got from Gina. Always with me.

It was sunny and i was tired.

When i got to the hotel i was upgraded to a massive room just over the rooftops. This is the view from my hotel. I ate a salad and some macaroons before going to bed. Good call since i woke up at 2 with unhappy stomach and not able to go back to sleep.

My massive bed and a bag of goodies. Hello another hotel room dinner.

I say salad, you see quiche… i had both, only ate the salad. And the macaroons of course.

Hello there.

I massively failed on my quest to trying to do fun things every time im in Paris. Well, look at me giving zero fucks. Now im just crossing my fingers to get home tonight, apparently its about 4h delays to get on the train.

And yes, i know that i should do less, not more, during treatment. I did speak to both my manager and HR but hey, still needed to go to Paris. I might have to have another sit down and explain that well, im literally going to be in and out of hospital for a month.

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