Hello there lil pouch

Went to the doctor for our baseline scan today. Its to determine if everything looks good to start the injections. It did! Woohoo! So now we are a go for the next step. Tonight George will put that first needle into my little belly pouch.

Speaking of belly pouch. Im working on that baby. Rather have the needle in a little happy pillow of fat than straight into the muscles. First time im loving that little happy space with the love it deserves.

Had a little work related breakdown yesterday. Im just stressed by all the changes and knowing that i need to go to Paris a lot. Keep putting all other life related questions away in this journey but yesterday it washed over me. Work, where should we live, Brexit. All of that shit.

But, today im back to thinking positive thoughts. Its all i have. I know it will all end up good, just need to wade through some shit first. I can do that, im a pro shit shoveler.

What better than a 2000 pieces puxxle to take your mind of things.

Its huge. And i dont think we’ll ever finish it. But it does really work because hard to think of anything else when doing this.

This morning waiting at the doc. George is getting to see some real exams here. Joint uteris scan  – check.

We have booked a couples massage for Friday. We both need a little stress release. Works perfectly in our Easter staycation here in London.

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