A cocktail of pills

Im back at work today. Most of my colleagues know whats going on now from instagram so getting sweet questions on how im doing. Feeling fine so far. Have been on codeine for the last two days that makes me a bit woozy but hoping that wont be needed today. Sending prayers to my little embryos fighting away in the lab, not much i can do at the moment except taking my cocktail of medication every day and be happy.

George went out for the first time in a long time last night. Well deserved. He came home at 6 this morning :). W and me snoozed like pro sleepers. Felt quite smug not being hungover today. Missing a nice drink but cherishing the hangover free life. (who am i even?)

Long weekend again. We are at the hospital Sunday and then going for lunch with Ali and Sarah. And tomorrow i might be going for drinks with Lollo and Katta. Will see how i go but missing being out and wearing nice clothes and feel like a human again.

Look at my massive basil plant. Its like its on steroids.

All my medications. I thought i would stop after the retrieval but its even more. Well, im used to this now.

Ha, you could think he is looking lovingly at me. He is not, he is bored that i dont want to play.

My breakfast. Its weird how all of this makes you feel like you are sick. And how different your life is when you have to take all of these medications all the time.

Came into cake pops. Yes! If you are to pull that tired pin cushion body in its for this. Delicious.

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