Meat fest in Paris

Had a much needed catch up with Tommy last night. Both because i miss him but also just generally miss friends. I have some awesome ones but i have barely seen them for the last couple of months. Totally my fault.

Four hours of all the gossip. A lot to catch up on when you havent seen each other for a while. Hes such a sweetheart. We laughed about the fact that we are happily becoming serious adults that drink less and live like grown ups. Nothing we ever believed when we danced on the tables in Raffles. But even the Peter Pan kids grow up eventually.

Paris was pretty last night as well. Everyone out at the bistros and that buzz that i love about a big city. The perfect night needed in all of these travels.

Had a mocktail waiting for Tom. So sweet. They all are. Stuck to water after that.

Ha, a man and his meat. We ate half a cow. Good for me since my eating is iffy so taking the chance when i can. And boy did i eat it all (yes, the less red bits since clearly you cant enjoy life at all when you are pregnant…)

Mmmmm, meat.

Heading back today and next week is a free pass since im off to Spain. We’ll see how long i can keep this travel every week up, its pretty taxing to be honest. Im a slug, i need my rest and slow pace.

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