Nursery plans

Starting to find it really hard with clothes. My whole idea of wearing normal clothes is just not going to fly, the belly make all my tops super short and jeans is a no go. And even if i love my belly and dont think my colleagues wants to see it on a regular basis…

We are also done planning the nursery. As in our room :). For the first 6 months the baby will sleep with us and then we’ll see how it goes. So we are fitting it all in with us. I havent bought anything but i have it pretty much planned out.

The pram will be a Babyzen Yoyo with the newborn pack. Its perfect for traveling and since we are planning on going away for about 2 months in the first 6 months that suits us perfectly. This is by far the most expensive buy but after having talked to people getting a new one with warranty is worth it.


Since our room is getting a bit cluttered we are getting the smallest cot we could find. Its from 0-12 months and will set us up until potential swede move. The plan was to  get a bed from my colleague but its too big. This one is just under 1m and will fit well in the room. Super simple but we need nothing fancy.


These are the main things. Changing will be on the bed, we are getting a baby nest for our bed and we are waiting with a chair for eating until later. And ill most likely wish for a babysitter and a playmat for Christmas.

Loving this one from Amazon. Apparently the newborns love the black and white since they can make that out first before colours.


We are pretty ready for the little ones arrival. I will set the delivery of the cot and pram for December and we can spend Christmas break getting everything in order.

We have already been given some gifts and we have quite a lot of newborn clothes now so if im to buy anything else it will be from 3 months. I mean, its seriously hard to keep from nesting. Ive been waiting for this day forever and now that its finally here i want  to buy ALL the cute clothes.

Be strong Cissi, be strong.

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