We went to the affordable art fair last night. Affordable is a very vague word. I mean, it started from £500 and went up to £6000 so lets say we didnt really come out with shopping bags of stuff (as in we bought zero).

Lovely event though and found some things i fell in love with. But, dont really make sense to buy lots of stuff before moving.

Speaking of moving. Life eh…. George got told over the weekend that from January he will at most have a part time job with Kyro. They are downsizing their ambassador program. And you know my situation of ‘most likely not having a job in London’ when im back from maternity. So here we are, more or less without steady jobs when the baby is born. Not exactly according to plan.

So maybe we’ll move earlier. Start over in Stockholm rather than trying to find new jobs here for a short time. However, if there is a job for me (no one knows) then i have to go back to work or i need to pay for my maternity leave.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not a headache at all. And perfect timing since there is nothing else going on in life right now.

Well, time will tell and all will work out one day and then we’ll laugh at this. But for now we are not buying expensive art works and generally trying to keep things under control. Big spender has become little spender.

On the cute side though. Sita bought these mini shoes for baby from Argentine. Be still my beating heart.

Always. Or, one day again.

George getting ready to pretend hes going to buy some art.

But first, magic. Ravi invited us to the fair. Not only is he awesome, hes also a magician (i mean, thats pretty awesome too).

I fell in love with this double painting, Imagine that is a night lamp for the baby room. Unfortunately £650 isnt in the unemployeed budget.

And this one. Too cute.

Its by an artist called Damilola Odusote and i might have fallen in love with all of his stuff. One day ill be rich.

Then we took our fancy shuttle back to the tube and the driver was probably drunk and i got sooo car sick. Could only be saved by gingerbread dough.

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