What can I tell you, another day anothet dollar. As in spending that is. It’s weird not having an income. First time since I was 16 I’m not earning any money.

At the moment it’s holiday season in Sweden so nothing is moving on the job front. I kind it will work out eventually but it feels weird not being able to move forward on that either.

George is struggling too. So we walk around at home going on each other’s nerves…nah, we are actually not doing too bad. Not with this little monkey around. He’s a good buffer when we are tired of each other’s faces

Dressed up in mamas headband.

Good thing he is a genius our son.

Yesterday we went over to Kix in the morning to keep her company. It’s not easy when the apartment is echoing empty after a break up.

Pros at hanging out together. And making noises so that Kix can’t think for the noise. Cheers Lukas for that strategy,

Our little guy. Shocked by the awesomeness of tv. That’s his grandma right there.

Tonight we are braving summer Sthlm and going for a drink. It’s so empty but I kind of like it. Means you can stroll at your own pace and there is room at the restaurants.

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