Pre schooler

Life at the moment :). A lot of adulting but also totally being kids playing with my little boy any chance i get. Him and i both love music, dancing and chasing eachother.

But our mornings look like this. We sit on the potty together and brush our teeth. In matching star PJs.

I also got our balcony furniture togethet just in time for the new snow storm. I screwed them all by myself (and yes, i know that sounds hilarious in english)

This little monster refused to sleep and it ended up with papa banging his head into the door and had to got to the A&E and get three stitches.

‘My work here is done…’

I took a walk.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snow. It so light and quiet and pretty. Felt like an ice queen walking around yesterday.

This morning it was finally time for Lukas first day at pre school.

We were all very excited.

Dressed him in his finest.

Plus outdoor clothes because they start every day in the park.

A very swedish transport.

Little did we know how much he was going to hate it once we got there. He was cold, shy and just wanted to be with mama.

So we his from him to try and get him to interract. It ended with him crying his eyes out after an hour in the playground.

But he ate a banana at least.

Very happy to be home in mamas arms after that harrowing hour of socialising. My little pandemic baby.

At least i got him to go to sleep early. 1-0 pre school vs Lukas sleeping.

We loved the place though. The teachers are from all over the world, same as the kids, and they have a huge place to run around in. Plus a playground behind the house and all of Gärdet to run around in.

Im sure that in a couple of weeks he wont want to come home with me.

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