Family time

Phone is back where it belongs. In my hands! Oliver and me met for lunch, officially for phone delivery but secretly to hold hands and say how much we are going to miss each other. And to share a cinnamon bun at Nordic Bakery of course.

Yesterday we had 3 generations of McInroys in our flat. Olivers gran were down and we cooked her dinner and showed her the flat. She was extra impressed with the coat hanger she helped buying.

Our tree looking proud and dashing with some gifts under it.

Miranda is not poking her nose, she is just trying to hide from the camera (at least that is what I hope)

Sofa cuddle time. We all concluded that for an Ikea sofa our isn’t too bad. (Swedish quality I added smugly to myself)

One of my many gifts from Fiona and Miranda. Arent they amazing?! I get too feel like im in my forest while sitting on the sofa. That is what i call a win.

In my advent calendar this morning. A new bauble, houses to hang in the tree and a gobsmocker (yes, that is a gigantic sweetie that cant even fir in your mouth)

Lunch. Pretty cool for oliver to get to leave my phone when this was the result (at least that is what im telling myself for having him going all over town for my stupidity)

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