Another weekday night

Guess what I did yesterday? I was home, with Woolly. You didnt see that one coming did you…I never stop surprising you.

Ol was out climbing so Wool spent 30 min on his own before I came home, he was a happy camper when I came home so no problemos there.

Wools were a very relaxed little doggy and started doing yoga in his sleep while I read saucy historic romance novels. Each to their own.

I was way jealous, wish I could hold my legs up that straight and effortlessly, all while snoring and sleeping happily.

Eventually Ol came home bearing gifts. A mini pizza for me and a normal for him. Mini since I had actually eaten dinner but Ol saw the (very likely) possibility of me eating half of his one so decided to better be safe than sorry.

We ended the night with a walk in the rain and Gremlin dog had a run in with the towel. He have learned that is the quickest way to get dry so runs back and forth into it while furiously rubbing himself against it.

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