Money Power Glory

Some more pictures from my NYC trip. For once I was absolutely crap at actually taking pictures but there are some lurking on my camera.

Here it goes:

Jules and me went for dinner at The Odeon when we landed on Friday. Pretty jet lagged and tired but we got to sit out. Overall a definite win.

I had a sudden hankering for oysters and had it for dinner. Why not.

The view from outside our hotel. We were in the middle of Tribeca and were close to most of the things we wanted to do.

Late night walk in New York. Yes, you just have to love this city when you are walking around like this. There is a certain feel in the air that is 100% NYC and cant be felt anywhere else.

If you are going to take a weekend somewhere in the world why not NYC?

The morning after we woke up early and went to Balthazar. Food to take us through the day. Good thinking on our part.

Jules were impressed by her egg soldiers.

More food. This time on the other side of the bridge after having walked over to Williamsburg. We choose the best look out spot to check out the trendies. We tried to pin point exactly what makes someone look cool but couldnt really agree on anything.

Jules not being able to eat had ice cream instead. I think that is a win every time and im sure it saved her through the afternoon drinking.

We didnt just eat, Jules bought art as well. A flying unicorn with sparkles around. Yes!

Eddie came and joined us. A proper New York boy now.

After about 100 beers out in the blazing sun we went for dinner with Steve and the boys had a bromance on the other side of the table. You could almost hear ‘thats what friends are for’ in the background.

Sadly NYC was eventually over and I did the office and the Tropicana time. Here some inside interior shot. I wasnt allowed to photograph in the actual casino but trust me on its epicness

Me and my colleagues ended up in an irish bar making us feel like home, there are only that many gigantic burgers you can take.

Last and maybe least, the Atlantic City boardwalk. Nothing like Boardwalk Empire. Oh well.

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